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Custom Made All Wood Standing Desks - Stand Up Desks

Welcome to Amish Country Furniture Sales at Standupdesks.Com!

Your #1 Source For Finding The Perfect Custom Made Standing Desk, Executive Stand Up Desk, Drafting Table, Or Treadmill Desk For You Office Space.

Choose From Over 42 Models and 14 Kinds of Wood! This Year, We are Celebrating Our 20th Year Online Providing Impeccable Executive Wooden Desks and Custom Made Furniture To Our Loyal Customers!


So call us if you have any questions or wish to discuss various configurations for your standing treadmill desk that is, in fact, a desk and not merely an adjustable tabletop.  Call Victoria at 843-609-5433 to discuss any customizations.

"I started standupdesks.com in 1995 out with just three or four models to start with. Over the years we expanded our line to 44 different models and each one of those models is available in a wide range of sizes, widths, lengths depths and of course height. (Each person needs to have their desk custom-made to their particular height.)

We have clients who are four foot two and we have others who are six foot nine that order desks from us and everybody in between. When measuring for height, you want your standing desk to be at elbow height. So for a reading desk (like the one referenced in the video above), you'd measure the height where your elbow is perpendicular to the floor.


The nice thing about a reading desk is that you can bring your reading materials up close to eye level so you're not hanging your head down when you're reading. Instead, you're looking straight ahead and that eliminates any next strain.


That was the reason why we designed these reading desks, for people who have degenerative disc disease in their neck. For those who suffer from this condition, looking down for prolonged periods of time can really aggravate the neck.


Having a standing desk or reading desk solves that problem. We can make it high enough for you that you're always looking straight ahead and never have to worry about neck strain again.


All of our models are available in a variety of different lengths. Our smallest is two feet wide and our longest is seven feet in length.


All of our models are available in a wide variety of wood species as well. Our base wood is red oak. The next level up from red oak is brown maple which is very similar to cherry. For pricing, It's also only ten percent more than red oak where cherry is 30% more.


We also offer a rustic cherry which is also referred to as character cherry because it has a little bit more character. This means that the desk contains more knot holes in it and some people really appreciate that touch. I personally do but if you get the regular cherry, it does not have any of those natural flaws (if you want to call them flaws.)


If you visit our stains page you'll see that each one of our desks comes not only in a wide range of different woods, but you can get dozens of different stain choices to match your current decor. A lot of my customers will send me a picture of the furniture they already have and I can usually match based on all the stain samples I offer.


If you have a special stain request, simply ask. We can definitely do that for you for an upcharge of a few hundred dollars with a guaranteed match.


Thank you and I look forward to speaking more about your custom-made executive standing desk over the phone."


Victoria Gattuso, Founder of Standupdesks.com



Call directly 843-609-5433 to get your personalized standing desk today!



COMMON QUESTION: "What is your standard desk??"

The answer: none.

There are more popular models, but our ability to customize your standing desk is almost infinite due to our vast selection of desk models (42 at last count), woods (14+), stains and potential finish customizations. Such customizations include a desk's width, depth and of course, height.

Also, included with most of our desks are various underneath bookshelves, your color choice of leather inlays, a variety of footrest rails, and literally dozens of stain and finish choices. All of these custom options combine to make Amish Country Furniture Sales, at StandUpDesk.Com, the obvious leader in the world of handcrafted, solid wood, stand up desk furniture, individually and ergonomically customized for each of our customer's unique needs.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the possible custom configurations? Don't worry!

If you need help navigating the site or if you would like to talk with one of our designers while navigating the site, please don't hesitate to call Victoria at 843-609-5433.

At Amish Country Furniture Sales, all of our furniture is handcrafted, mostly of solid wood, and only a few of our models use pieces of the finest real wood veneers for added strength. Every standing desk is built to last a lifetime, so you know you are buying the finest American made craftsmanship and quality.


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